Richard Napolitano Derry New Hampshire

Richard Napolitano Derry New Hampshire.

Hi, my name is Rick Napolitano and Live in Derry NH. I am a full-time freelance marketer with over 15 years of experience. I left the large firms and corporate agencies because I felt that they did not offer value or really care about the smaller companies and local businesses.

This is why I do what I do…

I wanted to start a service with low overhead so I could pass the savings onto my clients. I also wanted to make sure they are always not just a number in the system but rather have complete and full access to me.

So many times I have seen a smaller local business need something done that is a small job and need it quickly only to have it shoved into the queue and then charged an arm and a leg for an hours work!

I personally started one of the first online guitar lesson services back in 1998. At that time there was windows 98 with dial up speeds and I was creating streaming video content back when “Real Video” was the platform LOL. So the challenges where extreme! Just to get a video to stream back them was so much work. Now with high speed things that took days to do takes minutes!

That said I was moving from being a Ford Flat Rate Mechanic to a Computer nerd. Let’s just say the transition was not an easy one and the learning curve and losses were devastating. I had no clue what I was doing??? I bought a Website in a Box from Comp USA if you can remember that store… There wasn’t Youtube to watch hours and hours of tutorial’s back then I had to sit there with a manual and HTML for Dummies book to try and figure out what I was doing.

Plus… I was having to write the Lesson Curriculum and shoot the video, do the editing, uploading etc… It was getting too much. I reached out to an old friend from the Berklee School of Music and asked if any of his top students would be interested in shooting the videos for the lessons while I concentrated on creating the site.

He loved the concept so much he partnered with me and wrote all of the guitar lesson curriculum and shot the videos with me. We are talking top level Berklee material.

We ended up shooting about 400 hours of guitar instructional video. A complete course from beginner to professional level. The material was so professional it started gaining the attention of other sites and services and on cam the competition.

Had there been sites like Youtube I would have been so far ahead of the game!

I did get my first site online with months of working full time, coming home, having band rehearsal, then start working on the site at about 10 PM and go until 3 am and do it all over again the next day. It was exhausting but I wanted to be able to provide what I felt was a missing service.

People thought I was nuts until they say what I was building. Long story short my skills at the time could only take me so far. So I got a small investment from my family to hire a professional website firm. That was the start of it! I got taken advantage of so badly. Lost over $15k! They did not complete the site, they did not listen to me and the first draft I saw of anything took 6 months! Yes 6 months!!!

This was around 2003 and I had enough of it and said I am never going through that again, so I buried my face in the books and taught myself web design. I built a website in 3 months that made their site look like it was done with crayons.

Next in line was to build a membership service for online guitar lessons. This was an entire different beast all together, now we are getting into Shopping carts, Ecommerce, Merchants etc… So what do I do like a dummy? Look for a firm that “Specializes in Ecom” Worst Idea ever!

I got raked over the coals so bad its not even funny! I hired what was a High Level Firm to build out the backend of the website to handle memberships. They sold me so well! Like to the point where I thought I was getting a deal!

I spent $30k and got NOTHING! They never fully delivered and by the time I got something that I could even take a new student onboard was about 9 months… This put me in a financial hole so fast I lost everything I gained over the past couple of years. So what did I do? I went to Barnes and Noble’s bought every book I could get on creating a member’s site.

Took 2 months and studied and applied everything I was reading. I launched the new membership site in early 2005. Gangbusters! It was awesome…. Everything worked perfect. Students would enroll, fill out a personal onboarding form and I would assign them material every week.! Students loved it!

I started gaining some attention from Stores like Guitar Center, First Act Music and Sam Ash Music. They saw what I was doing and the platform I was building and wanted to offer their customers online lesson plans.

Guitar Center flew me out to California to meet with corporate and had a bran picking situation with me. They wanted me to move out there and run the entire lesson operation, but that said I would have to give up full creative control over my system. I just couldn’t let it go then.

One of the most competitive niches out there online is anything to do with the guitar so I knew I needed exposure and fast. Sam Ash Music came along and brought me out to Long Island and cut a deal with me right then and there. I created (with my own funding) their complete online guitar lesson system.

They NEVER saw it through! $100k investment on part and right at the time of the housing crisis they dropped the ball and I lost everything including my house! I was forced to completely rebuild myself and my business. I never wanted to be in that situation again and where I already taught myself Web design and Ecommerce, I said why not learn Digital marketing? This way I had the complete package! Design, Ecom, IT, and now Digital Marketing…

Once again I buried my face in the books, but the game changer this time was YouTube! I had tutorials now. I spent the next 2 years learning this craft and science. I found my passion! I loved it. I started marketing for local businesses and when I could actually see them making money off of my work I was so happy. I love it! It was a service that was putting food n the table for local business owners.

I spent years doing Local and National SEO for companies and as the search engines keep changing their algorithms it was impossible to keep my clients at the top of the results because one day they were at the top and then the next day they were down six spots.

I got tired of dealing with that disappointment and knew there had to be a better way to consistently produce new clients and leads for local businesses. I always stayed away from the paid search route due to the cost per click being so high. I had started seeing ads on Facebook and Instagram and said hmmmmm why do I think this is an untapped market?

Well it is!

Social Media Marketing Campaigns are the most affordable way to generate new clients and leads. I knew I had to master these platforms. So again, back to the books! I spent a year learning the craft of interruption advertising and how to avoid it and do it the right way. Lets face it people hate seeing ads so there is a right and wrong way to go about it and that is where the secret sauce is at.

So Richard Napolitano Derry NH started Targeted Leads 365 LLC an online digital marketing firm. I specialize in targeted local business campaigns to generate and capture new highly targeted leads and have them sent straight to you so you can contact them.

These are live leads and not lead sharing etc… the leads you get are your leads alone! You own them! So many clients tell me they have tried other lead services they are getting the same lead that 5 other people are getting and then it becomes a bidding war. You cant work like that! You show up to a new lead to give a quote and there are 2 other provider’s there as well doing the same thing you are doing, now you have to undercut each other’s price and hope you win the bid.

Tats where Rick Napolitano from Targeted Leads 365 LLC comes in. I will target your local demographic and show your ads to your targeted audience and capture leads instantly.

I work from home here in Derry New Hampshire full-time as a freelance digital marketer. I pass the savings of having no employees and overhead onto my clients. You don’t want to have be paying for a Large Firm’s overhead and swag! That’s why their fees are so high… you are you footing the bill for the fancy swag and bling. No real work ever gets done!

With Rick Napolitano – I am responsible for your success! I cant pass the buck or make excuses as I do all the work myself. If your not happy its something I am not doing right for you and needs to be fixed ASAP and not stuck in some que of other work where you are just a number.

You can pick up the phone and call me anytime if there is a question or an issues or something new you would like to try. I handle all the work for you. Everything from ad creation, to writing ad copy and creating and design ad images and videos.

SO, if you have local business and need new clients and leads you’ve found the right guy. My sole job is to generate your business new leads! Whether its B2B or B2C leads you need I can get you started in under 48 hours..

I can work within any budget and there are never any contracts. Have a look at my website here – there is a video explainer and case study I did so you can see how my lead system works. You can also contact me there.

Just know I have been where you are now, and I can help you ASAP. Save you money and give you a straight honest service. You won’t have to question if you are working with the right person because remember I am solely responsible for your campaign’s success.

It does not matter what your business is Targeted Local Leads via Social Media Works! Hands Down! Fast and affordable. I work with everyone from Lawyers to Plumbers. Feel free to connect with me here on LinkedIn –

You can Contact me here:

Richard Napolitano

10 Gena Ave

Apt 2

Derry NH 03038

🔥 B2C and B2B Leads Specialist… 🔥

How much is a new client worth to your business?

If I were to generate new targeted, exclusive business opportunities, customers, etc… per week for your business, how would that impact your revenue and personal income?

♦️ Crazy ad spend
♦️ Contracts
♦️ Long-term commitments
♦️ Any work for you for that matter?

Targeted Leads 365 is a small business focused on getting companies increased leads, appointments and sales via effective proprietary lead generation strategies – specializing in Facebook Lead Generation and multi-step marketing campaigns.

We are a premier B2B and B2C service that delivers an increase in the number of high quality leads every day for businesses that are wanting to experience continued growth despite their competitive market.

Clients come to us when they need to start booking more appointments, need more quality targeted leads, need more website traffic, new customers or patients etc…

*** Our clients love the fact that there is such a small advertising spend associated with this method of lead generation.

Send me a message saying “I’d like to know more” and I’ll send you some complimentary details. No pressure, no obligation, just good usable info that will certainly get you more inquiries. 

Richard Napolitano Derry NH

Rick Napolitano Derry NH

Richard Napolitano Derry New Hampshire

Rick Napolitano Derry New Hampshire